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Posted by admin on April 14, 2012

Check out the latest news and updates from the Concrete5 team...

Interactive Designer Wanted

June 28th

Be our designer?

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First Public Release Candidate for 8.2.0 Now Available!

June 26th

We're proud to announce our first public release candidate – concrete5 8.2.0 RC2 – for version 8.2!

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Legacy concrete5 version Now Available – Version 8.2 Coming Next Week!

June 9th

A maintenance release for legacy concrete5 sites is now available, and a huge update is coming next week.

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Interview with RunCloud

April 17th

A skype interview with the founders of concrete5 on RunCloud

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We're headed to PHPUK 2017!

February 9th

PHPUK is one of the largest PHP conferences in the world

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concrete5 Version 8.1.0 and New Express Documentation Now Available

January 24th

New update adds some minor feature improvements and a bunch of bug fixes.

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concrete5 8.0.3, and New Documentation Now Available!

December 16th

Grab 8.0.3 to fix a bunch of 8.0 bugs, and learn about attributes.

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concrete5 8.0.2 and are released!

December 9th

Bug fixes and fixes for sites upgrading to version 8 are the order of the day.

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concrete5 8.0.1 and Released!

December 7th

Less than a week after 8.0, we have our first point release for concrete5 version 8.

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A quick intro to Express in version 8

December 5th

Learn what Express can do for you and why you should use it.

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Version 8.0 and Released Today!

December 1st

Christmas comes early as concrete5 releases its biggest update in two and a half years, and a major step forward for the platform.

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concrete5 8.0RC2 Is Now Available!

November 18th

8.0 gets much, much closer.

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concrete5 8.0RC1 Is Now Available!

November 4th

The future of concrete5 is coming – this month!

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Concrete5 8.0.0 beta 6 is released

October 21st

Still not quite production ready, but we're fixing bugs and adding refinement.

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PHPStorm brings the thunder of awesome...

October 20th

PHPStorm is a great product, and you should check it out.

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Munich Meetup

October 16th

Come meet Franz in Germany at this München meetup

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Join us in Slack

October 6th

We use Slack all day for work, now we've got an open source Slack for concrete5

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UK Meetup was AWESOME!

October 3rd

Thanks so much for such a great time in London gang!

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Please vote.

October 2nd

(With your mind, not your heart.)

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September 20th

Saw and learned some awesome stuff at PNWPHP this year!

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