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Better Productivity

Use concrete5 to deliver better solutions to your clients faster than ever before:

  • An HTML mockup can be converted into a working theme in just minutes.
  • Our marketplace offers only peer-reviewed, tested themes and add-ons. You're not going to lose a week tinkering with stuff that creates conflicts and breaks your site.
  • All updates to the core software and add-ons are one-click without using FTP.
  • It's not a blog or news site that became a more generalized CMS. We designed concrete5 to be a flexible toolbox for building pixel perfect websites from day one. 

    Of course we like it, but check out these testimonials:

“There is no doubt that concrete5 has increased my productivity and profits.”   -- The Philm

concrete5 has literally saved me hundreds of hours in development AND support.”   -- Lucas Anderson

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Consistent Quality

We can't promise that what you build will rock your client, or that they won't comic-sans it up a week after launch. But we can tell you something about quality assurance:

  • concrete5 is a clean framework for building complex content driven websites. You won't be hacking at old architectural concepts just to build out your site. The core architecture can even be selectively overridden, without ruining your upgrade path.
  • Our code is Object Oriented and we use a Model-View-Controller approach. We did this out of practicality and not as an exercise in software engineering dogmatism. We think this approach makes it easy to understand where code lives, what it is doing, and how to extend it.
  • Your theme dictates all presentation code. Write it as clean or as messy as you like.
  • Lock your client down with free white labeling controls and advanced permissions. Just because it's easy to make edits doesn't mean needs to be easy to destroy your design.



Getting started with concrete5 is easy. You can set up a demo right now and check it out. Most web hosts support it, or get hosting with concierge support from us. It runs on any LAMP stack and on IIS as well.

Learning to build with concrete5 is a cumulative process. Like any good application framework, becoming a top-notch expert is going to take some time and real world experience. Practically speaking, you should have something meaningful built within a couple of hours of tinkering. We have training courses you can take to get an advanced understanding of everything in a week or less.

As you gain expertise in concrete5, feel confident that you can take it anywhere you need without ever worrying about licensing issues. The core code is under the highly permissive MIT License


Risk and Maintainablity

You're making a safe choice with concrete5. It has a long history. Concrete5 started as a commercial product in 2003. Since going open source mid 2008, we have grown to power hundreds of thousands of websites. We were named the fastest growing project in the 2011 Open Source CMS Market Share Report

There is a core team of developers behind the project who enjoy their work and Pacific Northwest lifestyles in Portland, Oregon. The business is self-funded, fully owned by the core team and profitable. The core team maintains the core, this community website, many of the most popular add-ons and can even help you find development solutions or support for your own website. It's a platform you can depend on.


Ready to Start

If you already have a hosting account somewhere, concrete5 installs easily, or browse one of our hosting solutions. Try it with an instant demo now to get a sense of how concrete5 works.