Translate Concrete5

Download the Concrete5 CMS in your language.

concrete5 in Your Language

concrete5 is currently available in more than 20 languages. It is translated by a group of passionate volunteers. Running concrete5 in another language is easy.

Download a Pre-Translated Edition of concrete5

First, check to see if a special, customized version of concrete5 exists in your language, by ourworldwide community groups page. If it does, download the customized concrete5 build and install it regularly. There is no step two.

Install a Language Pack into regular concrete5

If a special customized version of concrete5 isn't available in your language, you can download a language file directly and install it into your concrete5 installation.

  1. If you're running Windows, you'll need to download Gettext for Windows.
  2. Download a concrete5 translation from from
  3. Grab the file corresponding to your concrete5 version from the mygengo zip archive. (e.g. if you're installing into concrete5 5.4.2, use 542.po)
  4. Rename this file to "messages.po" e.g. on Linux/OS X

    mv 542.po messages.po

  5. Run msgfmt -o on this file to generate a file named

    msgfmt -o messages.po

  6. Create a directory named the country code you downloaded, and a directory within it named "LC_MESSAGES". e.g. If you're installing the German (de_DE) language:

    mkdir de_DE

  7. Move "" into this directory

    mkdir de_DE/LC_MESSAGES
    mv de_DE/LC_MESSAGES/

  8. Move the language directory into the "languages/" directory in the root of your concrete5 install:

    mv de_DE/ /path/to/your/install/languages/

  9. If your website is running a version of concrete5 prior to 5.4.2, you'll need to add a reference to this language within your config/site.php file. Add this PHP within the file:

    define('LOCALE', 'de_DE');

  10. If you're running concrete5 5.4.2 or greater, you can make this change through the dashboard. Login to your concrete5 installation as an administrator.

  11. Visit , or navigate to Dashboard > System & Settings > Languages. Prior to 5.5, visit or navigate to Dashboard > Sitewide Settings > Multilingual

  12. The language you downloaded should appear as available in the default language dropdown. Select it and save your selection.

concrete5 should now be running in this language!

Help translate concrete5

If you'd like to help translate concrete5, you should request access to the mygengo translation repository, to edit strings and improve the quality of our translation files. Please! When requesting access, specify which languages you're able to translate. Also, make sure to join the internationalization forum and introduce yourself.