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Easy to Theme

Don't change the way you work. With concrete5, you can convert your basic HTML into a concrete5 theme in a few minutes. Simply copy and paste a line of PHP code for any area you want editable, and you're done.

In the end, it's your design that defines the process. Your code can be as clean or sloppy as you'd like. Create as many page types and themes as make sense for your project. We supply the tools, you can make anything.


Powerful Flexibility

We designed concrete5 to be a flexible toolbox for our own full service web shop's CMS needs. Sure, the in-context editing is simple to use, but concrete5 is by no means a WYSIWYG toy. You can build big, complicated, powerful applications with it. You'll also find that its flexible architecture makes it much easier to respond quickly as your client gets involved.

Our marketplace is full of add-ons that have been well tested. You won't find yourself having to be an expert in order to make anything work, and you wont find that installing one add-on causes others to break.


Active Community

With concrete5 you're joining an active community of developers, designers and business owners. There are more than 250,000 concrete5 installs running on the web. Our community at is over 100,000 members strong. That's a lot of people who might help you finish this project or hire you to start the next one.

The 2011 Open Source CMS Market Share Report states, "No other system we looked at came close to showing the growth seen by concrete5. The fact that the system also performed well in the 2010 Report leads us to the conclusion that concrete5 is a contender and bears close watch."

If you already have a hosting account somewhere, concrete5 can easily be installed or browse one of our hosting solutions. You may also setup an instant demo and start playing with concrete5 now.