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We use jQuery for almost all our JavaScript needs. We use Zend libraries for complicated stuff like internationalization and caching. We use MySQL, but we use it through the ADOdb Database Abstraction Layer. Sure our in-context editing is easy, but concrete5 has a really powerful advanced permissions system, a flexible data objects model and built-in helper classes as well. We've built concrete5 to be easy to understand at a glance, but super powerful once you open the hood.

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Easy to Extend

Every concrete5 install has a nicely encapsulated core directory you never have to touch. Our override structurelets you replace almost any file in the core by simply copying it to a separate spot in the file system. When you want to upgrade later, you will never have to run a diff to find your changes.

You can change the view layer for any block by simply adding a custom template. You can use controllers, events and all the stuff you've grown to expect out of a well built application framework.


Happy Clients

Ask in our forums and other developers will tell you the number one benefit to using concrete5 is how simple hand-off is at the end of the project. Clients who actually enjoy editing and adding content to their site are clients who pay their bills on time and bring you more interesting work in the future.

With concrete5 we often find clients will start using the site before the developers have fully completed the build-out. We've handed off simple concrete5 sites with a 15 minute training phone call. It really is that easy to figure out.

If you already have a hosting account somewhere, concrete5 can easily be installed or browse one of ourhosting solutions. You might also just setup an instant demo to start tinkering around with concrete5's editing experience now.