Code Submissions

Submitting Code to Concrete5

So, you've been using C5, and you've found a bug. Unfortunately, it happens. To any and all developers using C5: if you find bugs or strange behavior, we'd love to have your contributions and fixes. All we ask is that you contribute these changes to us using the guidelines below.

First, check out the bug tracker

You may want to check out the bug tracker. It's possible we know about the issue and are fixing it, or have already fixed it. We don't want to waste anyone's time so it might be best to check there first.

If, however, you don't see the issue, you can either start working on it right away, or you can file abug report in our bug tracker. It may be in your best interest to first file a bug report, since we may be addressing the issue already. However, if you do so, and you're interested in helping, please make a note in the bug report. It is likely that if you do have the interest in fixing the problem, we will ask that you submit a patch to us, if we need it fixed, since we're appreciative of the help.

For those issues that require fixes

So, at this point, an issue has been isolated, and you want to fix it, create a new "Pull Request" in github

Working with concrete5 on

concrete5 is hosted on, which makes it very easy for people to clone our repository, make changes, and submit them back to us as what github calls a "Pull Request." Learn more about pull requests.. First, become a user on It's free.

concrete5 Github Repository URL

Just fork the repository, check it out, make your changes and send them to us.

git clone git:// ./concrete5

Code Licensing and Guidelines

Please be advised that all code we'll include has to be licensed under the MIT License. We are more likely to include code changes if you properly document your code using phpdocumentor standards, and adhere to our coding style guidelines.

These guidelines are subject to change but for the meantime they should help us out a lot. We really want to take submissions from people, and while we won't take all of them, this should hopefully ensure that everyone is on the same page, and understands how best to get code to us.

Thanks, concrete5 community!