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Here's every build and patch of concrete5 archived up for your needs.

What am I Downloading?

concrete5 is middleware. It was designed for a LAMP stack but works on Windows webservers running IIS and PHP as well.

It is NOT a desktop application you run on your local computer to design a website. If you're comfortable configuring webservers and you want a great free CMS to tinker with, download away. If most of this sounded like greek to you, try a insta-setup on our servers instead and you'll get a copy running in seconds, which you can turn into a hosting account we can actually support as well. 

Latest Stable Version

NOTE: Many add-ons haven't been updated to work with 5.5 yet. If you've got an existing site that relies on stuff in the marketplace, you should try running this update on a backup copy of your site before upgrading live. 

5.5.2 (March 29, 2012)  - Download from | Download from SourceForge 

Changelog & Version History

Upgrading note: You need to be running version 5.3.2 or later to upgrade to If you're before that version, first upgrade to 5.3.2.

Upgrading note: You need to be running version to upgrade to 5.5.0.

Bitnami No-Hassle Stack Installer

Bitnami has created an all-in-one install package for concrete5.  Their installer includes all the necessary dependencies to run it in an existing stack, or download the version that includes a whole dev stack in the install.  Available for Windows, OS X and Linux.  Wow!

Download from Bitnami's site!

Other Languages

concrete5 is developed and shipped in English, but is available in more than 20 languages.Download concrete5 in your language >

Older Versions & Patches

5.5.1 (01-23-2012) - Download

5.5.0 (12-21-2011) - Download (10-06-2011)  - Download (08-31-2011) - Download

5.4.2 (08-04-2011) - Download (11-19-2010)  - Download

5.4.1 (10-04-2010) - Download (04-20-2010) - Download (10-08-2009) - Download

5.3.3 (9-30-2009) - Download

5.3.2 (7-23-2009) - Download (4-19-2009) - Download

5.2.1 (2-24-2009) - Download

5.1.1 (12-09-2008) - Download

5.0.0 (09-30-2008) - Download